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Print Size:

Most pictures are printed to be framed 22X28 (or 22X24 for the square images). Some images look better smaller; some look best larger. The panaramas and scans normally are either 13 or 22 inches tall. Naturally, I will not sell a picture unless I fell the size and content complement each other.


I use all archival materials. The paper for a print will depend on the nature of the print. For open editions I normally use a matt paper. Some pictures look best with a glossy paper; others work best with a textured paper. I also offer prints on canvass where appropriate.

Matting and Framing:

I use only soft white matts with simple black frames. This is the best way to display the image. When a picture is to be used as part of a general decor, however, I suggest unmatted prints to be finished by the purchaser in collaboration with a local framer.


Target size Matted and Framed Matted Only Unmatted

28X22 (24X22) $225 $150 $70
24X18 $175 $100 $60
20X16 $125 $75 $40
14X11 $95 $50 $25
Shipping is extra. Note that some images are available only in limited editions; these are priced separately.

Return and Exchange Policy:

All pictures may be returned within 30 days for a full refund (less shipping.) Images may be exchanged for a picture of the same size at any time for 30% of the cost of the new print. Just choose a replacemnt print, send me a check, and I will send you the new picture; once the new print is framed, simply return the old one to me.