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I am in my seventh decade as a photographer, always as an amateur. That is, I have never tried to make a living from photography; I do it out of a love for the medium. I'm not famous, and never will be. Thus, cheap as they are, my works should not be considered an investment. My photography comes out of my enjoyment of life, and I hope that people will peruse the pages in this site and find some of that enjoyment as well.

I started photography in high school and continued through college. With family and work obligations I limited myself to\family pictures. In 1990 I again started to exhibit. Since then I have transformed my self from a photographer who documents what he sees into an artist who produces a photograph that goes beyond the representative. Of course, only the viewer can assess my success in that transformation.

If you spend any time at the site, you will notice that there is no cohesive style. I take pictures of what I react to. Sometimes the subject serves as a symbol to suggest some larger theme; other times it is a detail isolated from the whole. I take pictures of people, animals, landscapes, cityscapes, foreign and familiar places. The single common thread is my appreciation for how photography captures the texture of materials. I am not alone in that, and I doubt that anyone would recognize a work as mine without a program.

One of the things that intrigues me is the difference between a photograph and how we see. In a three-dimensional world we select patterns and details from the world, retrieve details from memory, and combine them all into a dynamic map within the brain. In contrast, the camera temporally and spatially reduces some portion of reality to a static, two-dimensional object. When we see the photograph, our mind maps it back to a remembered or constructed reality. To be work of art, the photograph must evoke something beyond the literal; it must initiate a reaction. Some my work succeeds in evoking a reaction, others do not. If I know which of these categories each image fell into, this would be a smaller and better site.

I am a self-taught photographer but have attended workshops in Woodstock and at the Smithsonian. I am a member of the Maryland Art League (president 2007-2009), the Senior Artists Alliance, Maryland Federation of Art, and the Maryland Art Place.

In time I will add essays on photography and art. For now, all I have to offer is some of my better work. For those interested in my background, I have provided a photographer's resume and a professional CV.