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Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if there is no one to hear it? Is it art if there is no one to react to it? Yes and no (respectively.) My site makes no sounds, it simply provides a venue for my photographs; the viewer must decide if it is art.

As a photographer, I make many images and exhibit only a few. This web site provides me a venue for sharing a larger proportion of my work. Of course, an actual work has a presence that is quite different from what can be seen on a computer screen. Nevertheless, a small replica is better than the alternative of never showing it at all. After all, if I want it to be art, it must be seen.

The site is new, and it starts with only a fraction of what I expect it offer. In time I will add more of my images plus links to technical and historic resources as well as to other photographers whose work I admire. So please come back.